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    Michigan, Independent We Stand and Small Business Saturday, have aimed to teach consumers about the benefits of buying from independent, lolnylc-owaed businesses, and that increased awareness has led to more dollars spent in local businesses. And so far this

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    That’s a smart answer to a difficult question.

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    great kakachan aahe tuche likan aase wate ki tumcya barobar jalelya tya gosti dolya smor ubyha rahtata aani jivant pana 1 nirman hoto………………………………………………..

  4. Awww, Festus! How awfully cute and avulcular! I bet he hitches up his britches at the same time while chewing a piece o' grass or spittin' a hunk of chaw and whittlin' on a stick! You should pat him on his little fuzzy head and ask him to twirl his mustache (or rascally eyebrows).

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    Tea parties should also be demanding the repeal of the law that cracks down on us having garage sales and knocks small toy makers out of the market.And then . Tick, tick, tick.

  6. Siitä tulisesta ja makeasta rahkasta saa aivan täydellisen fondue-dipin, kun sitä tuunaa creme fraichella, chilipalolla, valkosipulilla, makealla chiletahnalla, suolalla ja sokerilla.

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