El oro del moro no era oro » Dorada 4

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  1. Warp #

    Otra vez lo has hecho 🙂

    Me encantan las ruedas en color claro. ¡Es lo más elegante del mundo ciclista!

  2. 2

    Whoa, things just got a whole lot easeri.

  3. 3

    Two things are true:i) No one can steal your ideas, as you’ve pointed out. Simple fact is that good ideas are often extremely hard to execute.. so even if someone likes your idea, he’ll probably find it hard to justify actually executing it.ii) If you’ve thought of it, so have other people. This is the painful truth of the research world as well. The good news though is that there’s often significant, though slight differences between ideas; the key is finding what those differences are.

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